Welcome to Soko - where classic patisserie and chocolate is reimagined for contemporary tastes. Headed by talented pastry chef Bharat Chandegra supported by experienced hospitality figures Andreas Antona and Jerry Toth, Soko offers beautifully-crafted artisan delights lovingly produced for the retail and wholesale markets. Expect classic pastry and chocolates given a modern twist to thrill the senses.
Soko, Chocolatier and Pâtisserie — Handcrafted in Birmingham

The starting point for Soko’s inventive and beautiful chocolates begins with the raw material. And there is no better supplier than Cocoa Barry, a legendary French company with a history stretching back to 1842 when its founders travelled to Africa to seek the best quality beans.

Now cooperating closely with growers in Africa and South America, Cocao Barry’s commitment to excellence continues, with the company ensuring that they use only beans that are of the highest grade, reflect the terroir of where they were grown and are produced sustainably. Cocao Barry is an ethical producer.

The company works closely with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, which is taking practical measures to improve the lives of farmers, fighting de-forestation and reducing chocolate production’s carbon footprint.
Small wonder that Bharat and his team treat the chocolate with the reverence and respect that it deserves. Each chocolate taking three days to produce.

The moulds are carefully crafted and painted with the finest cocoa butter before the product is carefully layered, the chocolate complemented by fillings that are sourced with equal care and passion

220818 SOKO Christmas Mandarin Caramel 006

Throughout the process, precision is crucial to ensure that Soko’s amazing chocolates please the eyes as well as the taste buds of customers.

And, as well as striving to delight chocolate-lovers, Soko is committed to respecting the environment and to finding the most eco-friendly packaging.

Because chefs and farmers are at the heart of the fight to ensure sustainable cocoa farming that respects both the environment and individuals, we have decided that from now on more than 1 000 of our chocolate and cacao based products will support the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. A collective commitment that makes a practical difference in improving the lives of farmers, eradicating child labour and bringing us closer each day to our goal of achieving a positive impact on deforestation and our carbon footprint by 2025.

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