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This January, enjoy our stunning A/W bon bon collection. Every one of Soko's 6 melt-in-the-mouth bonbons is a sensory explosion, releasing rich flavours and aromas from its crisp chocolate shell.

Available in boxes of 12 (£16) or 24 (£28)


A smooth comforting, silky ganache that is simple but big on Baileys flavour. Ideal with hot chocolate or a glass of Baileys.

Blackberry Caramel & Papua New Guinea Vanilla

The sharpness of the blackberry infused caramel is perfectly balanced with the sweeter vanilla notes in the velvety ganache. Enrobed in white chocolate.

Cafe Latte

One of Italy’s favourite drinks this offers a smooth and indulgent coffee flavour encased in milk chocolate. Milky with delicate coffee flavours as you’d expect from a cafe latte.

Masala Chai and Biscuit

Is warm, comforting and inspired by Bharat’s memories of having Masala Chai tea and biscuits after school. A lovely twist on a bon bon and a meeting of cultures.

Apple Crumble

Is a rich and buttery take on a classic English pudding. Made using caramelised apple purée, apple ganache and baked crumble to add the crunchy layer then encased in white chocolate.


Starts with a homemade praline made with roasted pistachios then turned into a ganache with a hint of lemon to bring out the complex pistachio flavours. Encased in white chocolate for added sweetness.


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